March 14, 2024No Comments

Crystals and Inventory Expansion

The video below shows off crystal formations growing out from the ceiling. You use the beam cutter to break them down then use the atomizer to fully break them down and get resources from them.

The following video shows off how cargo inventory and mod inventory expansion will work. You will have spots to equip an item that adds spaces to your inventories. The number of slots given is randomized within a range for each rarity value. So, even if you find a blue expansion unit, you may still find another blue that is better, but the worst purple is as good as the very best blue.

January 31, 2024No Comments

proxyscavenger updates

I've compiled a list of videos of the little things i've been poking at on proxyscavenger.

This is a video showing off how you can now 'fix' a ship or 'break' a ship by replacing or taking parts from a derelict ship. It's a long video and the audio didn't record for some reason. Bummer.

I made it so you could pop bolts off the cover of repairable cases so it was easier to tell when you were done with them. You can also melt them off using the Atomizer.

This one shows off how Ship Core Parts are now inventory interaction items so you can swap them in and out and the ship will know about it.

I updated the ui a little bit to have a meter of sorts to let you know how Atomizing or Wrenching something was going. You also now get resources from things you've Atomized. The amount is based off the size of the item. I also made it flexible enough that there can be different types of things to cut and Atomize to get different resources, such as Fuelcite crystal shards or something.

I also took a video of the hacking mini-game. It's an idle clicker game. I made it a long time ago so it's sized oddly but it works fairly well. I may change how hacking works though, as an idle clicker is kind of boring. I liked the idea that you could just let the hack run as you went about your business and then check back on it and see if you'd accrued enough 'power' to hack into the things you needed without you doing much.